The 2011 Rutgers Distinguished Engineer

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Robert S. Balog Jr., Class of 1996

2011 Rutgers Distinguished Engineer
Robert S. Balog Jr.
B.S. Electrical Engineering – Rutgers, 1996
M.S. Electrical Engineering – University of Illinois, 2002
Ph.D. Electrical Engineering – University of Illinois, 2006
Robert Balog received the 2011 Distinguished Engineer Award for his
pioneering work in developing efficient and effective electrical energy
conversion methods for use in the emerging field of renewable energy.

His impact in this field includes:
• A commutation switching technique for semiconductor thyristor
devices in the power inverter, improving the cost & reliability of a
solar energy system.
• A minimum-energy criteria for double-frequency power flow; a
breakthrough that enables improved reliability and operating life for
• Improved energy harvest methods for the next-generation photovoltaic
system in which the systems are integrated to the building

This innovative work has resulted in 10 issued and pending US patents and
over 25 peer-reviewed technical journal and conference publications.
Dr. Balog’s efforts have already made an impact in his field, especially in the
design of microinverter-based ac photovoltaic modules for distributed solar
energy harvesting and power-grid integration.
These enable lower cost solar energy systems suitable for residential applications.
Professor Balog has also developed and implemented a novel academic
program - “Power Electronics for Renewable Energy Conversion”, a
holistic approach in which students evaluate the current maturity level,
perform analytical comparisons of current research, and future trend
projections for commercialization.

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